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In one column put your wants and in the other – your needs. That way you will have a clearer picture of your priorities – what has to happen now what can wait. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help. Failing to involve suitable professionals from the starting point could cost time and money. An architect or planning specialist can help you with making plans to your renovation project and getting planning permission. Structural engineer will ensure that you don’t damage your building. Also he’ll make certain that new structures are able to stand up safely and function without excessive deflections or movements.

Find an architect, builder and, if needed, a project manager. You have to feel comfortable and confident in the skills of everyone working on your site. If you’re buying a renovation project, it’s worth taking an expert with you on a viewing to get an idea of costs.

It’s worth taking your time to perfect the design and ensure the finished property will meet your needs. Think about how the changes will work with the original building – do you want any extensions to blend in with the existing property? Do you want to restore its original appearance, or dramatically transform it? Ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve, then consult with an architectural designer to look at all of the possibilities.

Think carefully about room placement. Focus on introducing natural light, which has the power to transform and uplift any space. Wherever possible, arrange rooms so you spend the majority of your time where the light is. It’s also worth considering the view.

Planning application | Listed building

Once you have your renovation project plans, you must identify which aspects of your proposed renovation require statutory consent. Make sure that you understand the different consents that you will need to address. Do you have permission to use the building as a dwelling? Is it a listed building? Is it in a Conservation Area? Do you even need planning permission? Even if you don’t, you will almost certainly have to comply with building regulations. You might need a Party Wall agreement with neighbours. An architect can guide you through this minefield.

If you want to start work immediately, check with your local authority. Take on projects that are classed as permitted development, such as converting an existing garage or roof space. If you do need statutory consents for all proposed works, factor in the amount of time required to determine the application. Planning decisions are supposed to take eight weeks and a full building regulations application five to six weeks.

Any major building work can now take place.

Should you require any further help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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