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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about our services.

Do you take on all types of house renovations?

Yes, we can perform any house renovation. We only do not take on projects with multi-storey basement conversions.

Do you only take on projects with whole house renovation?

We specialize in whole house renovations. But in some cases do take on a part renovation. It depends on the property type and renovation project size.

What mainly influences the renovation project price?

Each project is unique. The house renovation cost mainly reflects the project size, complexity and interior and exterior fit-out specification.

Can you help with the design, architectural or structural drawings?

Yes, we can participate in such processes. We closely work with innovative architects, interior designers and structural designers and help you with the initial desired specialist consultation. We do not charge for this service.

Do you provide a building warranty for the renovation?

You don’t have to take out a warranty when renovating your house. But it could be obtained from the insurance providers when significant structural alterations occur during a renovation project. Building warranty can offer ten years or more of cover for more severe defects in structural renovation work.